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Demand for Remote Employee Tracking Software Tripled

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Demand for Remote Employee Tracking Software Tripled

Corporations are faced with the need to transfer the maximum number of employees to remote work. This causes a huge number of problems, both hardware, and software. Employers do not want to lose control over the process, so they are trying to adopt tools for remote monitoring.

The outbreak of coronavirus has shown that the most effective means of combating its spread is the mutual isolation of people. They try to send the staff of the company home, the nature of the job duties of some specialists allows them to remain involved in labor activities. Here another problem arises: the employer does not have many ways to control the employee’s work regime when he is at home.

According to Bloomberg, in recent weeks, in connection with the mass transfer of employees to remote work, the demand for special software to monitor their activities has tripled. Distributors and developers of special programs literally can not cope with the influx of orders. Many of these utilities, after installing a remote employee on a computer, allow you to control his actions, stop attempts to unauthorized distribution of confidential information, and also evaluate labor productivity.

As a temporary solution, some employers try to force employees to spend a lot of time in the videoconference mode, but it is sometimes difficult to justify this with a real business need. Specialized software allows you to monitor employees more elegantly. Of course, not all employees will like it, but the availability of such mechanisms should always be openly negotiated. Some experts urge homeworkers to take this from a different perspective – monitoring tools allow the most motivated of them to prove themselves to the management. An employer using such tools can identify bottlenecks in the organization of business processes, find reserves for increasing labor productivity.

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