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The Best Free Antivirus of 2020

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The effectiveness of antiviruses is often the subject of controversy: a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of free software to protect PCs. To put an end to such discussions, the independent AV-Test laboratory decided to test 18 popular free antiviruses.

What is known about the best free antivirus

According to the specialists of the German company, the antivirus-winner Microsoft Windows Defender entered the top ten most effective antivirus programs and received maximum ratings in the categories of “usability” and “reliability of protection”, as well as 5.5 points out of 6 possible by the criterion of “performance “

Microsoft Windows Defender has demonstrated 100% protection against malicious attacks, including zero-day threats, as well as the absence of false locks and warnings.

Why Microsoft Antivirus is the Best

In particular, the application successfully recognized 20,428 virus samples recorded in the last 4 weeks before the test.

During testing, there were used the current version of the program with permission to access cloud services and the current version of signatures.

To test the effectiveness of the antivirus there were analyzed the operation of all its components using real threats. Experts also noted a low level of false positives after analyzing 1,384,100 samples, the antivirus made a mistake in only two cases.

Where to download antivirus

Note that Windows Defender is already part of the Microsoft operating system and does not require a preliminary installation.

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